How to use the Smart Formula Mixer Without Wi-FI

Step 1:Set Water Volume

Simply press the"-"/"+"button to adjust the water volume.The water volume range you can set is between 1 oz and 9 oz(30-270ml).

Step 2: Set Temperature Value

Press the "MENU"buton three times or until thetemperature value start to flash on the left panel.Then press the-/+"button to adjust the temperature value.The temperature range you can set is between98℉ and 158(37-70℃).

Step 3: Set Concentration Value

Press the"MENU' button four times or unti the left panel shows"c2".The number on the right panel is the concentration value which is calculated as how many gram 
of formula powder per ounce of water.Press"-"/"+"button to adjust.

For Example:

Find the Mixing Guide onyour formula can or package

The instruction says: 1 scoop(8.3g of powder) in 2fl oz
The "c2"value can be calculated as 8.3 divided by 2 and equal to 4.15.
You have to set the "C2"value to 4.1 or4.2 by pressing"-/"+button on the panel.

As long as you don't change formula,you don't have to change "c2" Value.

Step 4: Wait for Temperature and Start to Dispense

When the status light stop flashing and stays can press "START" button to dispense formula.


Step 5: Water Only Mode

Press the "MENU" button two times or until the water only indicator light on.

Set your desired Temperature and water volume refer to the Step 2 and Step 3. Wait until the water only indicator light stays on.

Press"START" to dispense.


If the concentration of the machine is not accurate, you can calibrate the machine. Although we do not recommend that users do this. Please visit our  "How to vedios" for more information on calibration.