Smart Formula Mixer Set Up Guide

 Follow along with the video or read the article below to learn how to set up your Smart Formula Mixer .

What you need to get started

To get started, you will need:

  • Smart Formula Mixer 
  • Smartphone or Tablet
  • Your WiFi network name and password.

The setup should take about 5 minutes.

Step 1: Download the LivingEZ app & Connecting to a Wi-Fi network

Download the LivingEZ app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Apple.png  google.png

Once downloaded, open the LivingEZ app and login or create an account.

To create a new account:

  • Tap “Register” on the app screen
  • Enter your email address, then enter your password twice
    • You can tap the icon in the password field to view the password and make sure you entered the same password in each field.
  • Tap “Registration”
  • Follow the rest of the instructions in the app

Connect your phone to your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and have your network password ready.

Step 2:Turn on the device and enter the connecting mode

 Plug in the Smart Formula Mixer ,Press and hold "+" button for ten (10) seconds until the number “01” is flashing. If it shows 02, or if the jumping number on the right panel stopped at 24, please restart the machine and repeat this step.


Step 3:Adding your Wi-Fi Information

Enter your WiFi network name and password. Tap the icon in the password field to display the password to ensure it was entered correctly. Tap comfirm.


Note: LivingEZ Smart Formula Mixer only work on 2.4GHz WiFi networks. They do not work on 5GHz networks. Most WiFi Routers that are 5GHz also have a 2.4GHz band as well. Make sure you are not connected to “Wi-Fi name 5GHz”. SSIDs are limited to a 31 character length maximum.

*For the machine to successfully connect, Please enable the  Location and Bluetooth access.

Step 4:Finishing the connnecting and set your formula 

It usually takes 1 ~ 3 minutes to make the connection.

After the first connection, you need to select the Formula by "Scan Barcode On Formula Can" or "Setup Formula Manually"

If you can't find your formula please contact us for help.

Now your are good to go.

Moving your Smart Formula Mixer 

At any point, you can move your Smart Formula Mixer.  Unplug the device and move.(Before moving, please remove the water tank and make sure the boiler is clear of water) . Once it is plugged in, it should power up and automatically connect to the same WiFi.

If you have changed the WiFi or Account, you will have to setup the device and start the setup process again.



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