LivingEZ Smart Formula Mixer

The most smart way to prepare the formula !

Smart Formula Mixer

A Life Saver For Parents

App Control

The LivingEZ Smart formula mixer pro can be control by smart phone app,you can make a baby bottle wherever you are.

Easy To Set The Formula

The intelligent milk powder database allows you to set the concentration of milk powder automatically by simply selecting the brand.

Adjustable Bottle Tray

Flexible adjustment. Compatible with all kinds of  baby bottles.

Large Water Capacity

1800ml large capacity water tank can meet the baby's daily-use needs very easily.

Moisture Proof Design

.The sealed powder box isolates the contact with the air to prevent the milk powder from agglomerating and getting wet.

What Our Customer say

The best product I've bought in 2020.Such a life saver


We’re using it since 4 month. So happy with it. Milk always has the right temperature. It’s super easy to use, definitely worth it!!


We love our Smart Formula Pro! It makes feeding time essentially hands-free and saves us so much time. We find it very easy to both use and clean.